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Mar 4

Yes a few days ago, but getting busy as the Norske 4 get bigger!

A lot of growth has taken place. I can tell the difference in the girls now (no more collars). Not as easy as the boys, but it’s still doable! Having all brown babies makes it difficult until those differences come out!

Inge is still the sweetest and wants to play kissy face but also wants things NOW or else it’s a scream fest! That includes trying to get away when its time for a manicure!  Last night it probably took 5 minutes to get the front paws done! Oh my!

Little Olaf is a little beef cake. Short and compact and still smaller than Sylvi. He was my snuggle bug today! That’s almost unheard of from him!  I guess doing all the picking I did to him yesterday had something to do with that! When it came to his Manicure, he was like “Huh! what are you doing?” then goes back to sleep on my lap! while I finish up his nails!

This happens every time I step foot in their box: I get 4 little angels all vying for my attention! Today it was Olaf’s turn to be my snuggle bunny! They are all learning rather quickly that they can lick all they want, but no biting is allowed even on my clothing! The little stinkers have a mouth full of sharp teeth!

After their lunch today, I let mom back in to clean up their bowl (not like there was much left over)! As soon as Mom came in, they all latched onto her while standing.  I wish I had my cell to show you how Sylvi latched onto Bec and WOULD NOT let go! Bec slowly walked away from the bowl dragging Sylvi! Hmmm aspirations of always getting that bird?

Currently, I hear little yips and rooing coming from the box and that’s downstairs! They are pretty darn loud!

We had our second photo shoot yesterday morning.  Here are some shots:

And just because she’s such a character, Sylvi yet again!

Getting photos of the girls was a bit difficult since all they wanted to do was to get off the dog bed!  At least I got some cute shots! I think we played “Model” for 45 minutes! Just think how hard it would be for their photo shoot if I had 10 puppies!!!

Mar 6

The pups have graduated from their whelping box into the Puppy Play Room (formerly the Mud Room) where they will remain until they are 9 weeks old (ready to go to their new homes). I swear the last litter had more room last year, so I need to figure the design out again.  As it is, it’s the perfect size for them, but they continue to grow!  The little stinkers!  Can’t they stop doing that?

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