January 3, 2017

About Us

We’ve moved! We’re still in Washington, but on the West side of the Cascades! No snow, but plenty of water!

Here at Cle Elum Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, we breed for the integrity of the breed. It’s about what they were originally bred to do. They make a great hunting partner and wonderful members of a family. We’ve been breeding since 2005 and have loved raising these wonderful dogs.

Our first chessie came into our lives in 2001 and the love affair began. Stephanie looked high and low for the right breeder to add that new family member. Rainyvali Coolwater Jewel (aka Callie) came into our lives that January. Callie had always been the apple in Michael’s eye! He never had a dog growing up. The favored family pet he grew up with were cats.  Quite the animal lover that he was and still is to this day, it wasn’t difficult for him to become the dog person he is.

Stephanie is the lead in this endeavor and breeding some great specimens of the breed.  She takes pride in her line and strives to improve it to the best of her abilities.  She has many mentors that continue to help her along this adventure.  Bringing these puppies into the world and raising them is a joy to her and a feather in her cap with each and every litter.

Michael is the playmate for our canine family members. He may not compete in the disciplines listed, but he does an exceptional job at raising them in our home.

Stephanie competes in several canine disciplines and enjoy every moment as well as the dogs! Our dogs have competed in Hunt Tests, Obedience, Rally, Show Conformation, as well as Stephanie’s favorite sport with the dogs, Dock Diving. She sure doesn’t mind getting wet as its all in the name of fun for our beloved chessies!

We are not a large operation but a small hobby kennel that breeds maybe once a year. This gives Stephanie the time to do some research on finding that perfect mate to our current bitch.

Our puppies are very well socialized while here at Cle Elum Chesapeakes. Because chessies are well known for their hunting abilities, our pups are introduced to bird wings, water/snow (depending  weather/season) and loud noises.  Our grandchildren are frequent visitors as are the other dogs /cats we have.  We have an orange tabby that complete our fur family and helps in the socialization.

Our puppies are whelped in our home and spend the first 4 weeks of their lives in the house. They are then moved to the heated garage. They get the run of half the garage with ample time outside under close supervision. Daily hikes around our property is a must!

We miss the country but Stephanie sure doesn’t miss the snow!