After a few days…

All are doing amazingly well! That does not surprise me one iota! Yesterday was a new experience, for me, anyway! One that I knew the outcome.

I had an engagement on the Seattle side Saturday that I was not about to miss!  The 2 legged family gathering! That would mean that I had to leave Bec and her babes for the day (or at least for 5 hours +). Given that, I left it up to my husband to watch the babes and Bec.

Given that he had left to go snowmobiling and Bec is just fine overnight with the pups, it wasnt a big deal for them to be left alone (or so I thought)! Apparently, Bec ended up needing to go out and wasn’t able to hold it for very long.  Well, as you would have guessed, there was a mess! Mike did the best he could but left the hard stuff on the floor for guess who! No worries.  All was taken care of. Pups and Bec were just fine.  It was just the mess in the mudroom!  Why am I telling you this? Well, to let you know that it’s not always coming up roses when you’ve got a litter of puppies at any age on the ground!  you should see the area setup when they don’t need to whelping box! Oi!

On to today! Another uneventful day for the crew but what else is new when all you do is eat, sleep and poop! Mama is outside a lot doing her usual stuff of picking up large sticks/logs wanting it to be thrown for her, but I know I can’t throw it and poor Mike is having muscle issues.  THOU she does get to go swimming in the pond above the house.  As you can see, she is damp from today’s swim!  Didn’t bother the pups at all! Here they’re at the Milk Bar in a drunken stupor (since they’re sleeping)!

They are gaining weight at the rate of 2 oz a day, average for puppies this size.  The light brown being still the heaviest, yellow girl, next in line followed by white girl and the last boy being the lightest thou stockier than the biggen, LOL.  That doesn’t mean that he will always be the smallest as it always averages out in the end!

That’s it for today!  Didn’t I mention that it was an uneventful day today?

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