February 9, 2018

In Memorial

Our babies who’ve cross over the bridge!


CH Ranivali Coolwater Jewel CD JH WDX CGC 12/7/2000 – 12/23/2016


We said good bye to Callie as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2 days before Christmas. The little alpha that stole our hearts. The girl that was the apple of Mike’s eye.

She was nicknamed the “No Fun Police” early in her life! She loved being in control of everyone and fun wasn’t allowed. LOL Always the character who did things her way! It just got a bit funnier as she got older! Her love of fetching never ceased but after awhile, her returning was always when she decided!

A great mama to her babies, but not a huge fan to her grands! Silly girl (She tolerated a lot over the years)!

No longer in any pain and enjoying the romping in the meadows of her earlier life. She’s got a few kids with her as well has her boy, Boone!

Callie Wallie, you are forever in our hearts!


Cle Elum’s Columbia River Jewel February 9, 2007 – May 24, 2016


Enough time has passed for me to finally post this. My dear sweet Kenda has left to travel over the Rainbow Bridge. She had a heart of gold and would do anything for me. She brought me to the world of Dock Diving! Kenda started out as a decent jumper but soon started jumping less and less. I retired her from Dock Diving even thou she loved it so. She would continue if i wanted her to.

She was a true protector! My car was her car! I could leave all the windows open, go into a store leaving her in our car.  No one would come near my car. A true protector!

Kenda brought 3 beautiful litters into this world. One of the best mama dogs ever! I never knew that mamas have favorites until her!

Shortly after her last litter, I had to re-home her. It was the best home I could ever find for her! She was so loved and cared for! I thank God every day for that family!

Kenda was diagnosed with Insolinoma, a cancerous tumor on her pancreas. She fought it for 18 months. When I saw her for the last time, I knew it was time for her to go. During that visit, I gave her one of her favorite treats, ice cream!  She devoured it! She’d eat anything that was put in front of her and I was not about to deny her that.There isnt a day that goes by where I dont think about her.

I have to give Chrissy and Brian a huge thank you for taking such wonderful care of her and loving her as they did.

Sweet sweet Kenda, you left us far to young and are forever loved and missed so very much!

CH MarJan’s Thirstyboots JH WD 8/28/2002 – 12/28/2015


To sum up that year’s Christmas holiday:

In January of 2015, he had been diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Being hospitalized for 4 days just trying to figure out what as wrong really took a toll on him and us. Fast forward to Christmas, we were on vacation in CO for the holidays. It was a great Christmas up until the night before we left for home. I received a call from the young woman who we call a second daughter and was taking care of Boone while we were away. Boone had been taken to the vets. After hearing all the issues surrounding him, Mike and I had a long talk about the situation. We decided that it was time for Boone to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you so much, Julie, for being there for him. It was not an easy decision for any of us, but the best for Boone.

I’ll miss everything about him. His crazy antics when he would freak in the water. His hunt tests and lack of liking to show. Once he got his CH, I retired him from show. I prefer having my babies have a wonderful happy life!

One of my favorite memories was when he was a youngster and we were living at my mother’s ranch. I was standing outside the barn with some friends. Mike was in the barn getting a bird for some reason (for hunt training perhaps?). Boone was with him. Apparently the bird got away and Boone chased it outside and wouldn’t come back until he got that bird! Guess what? He got the bird!

His buddy in life whom he protected was little Juliette. When lying on the ground, he would have his front legs surrounding Stinker while she sat in front of him. Boone protected her like this ever since she was a baby! He was a handful in his youth but a loving best friend after he figured out that life wasn’t worth the hassle of being a teen.

Boone will always have a piece of my heart and we will all have wonderful memories of his years on this earth.

Rest in Peace, Booners! We will always love you!