Personalities, Waddlers, Rooers, etc

Feb 24  (Now i get smart, putting dates on as I enter the puppies’ daily activities).

It’s pretty easy to get those personalities figured out when there are only 4 little bears in your charge! One thing is for certain that those little personalities will continue to change as they grow! But these are the basics to those little cherubs!

Thor is still the laid back snuggler.  He just wants to hug on you! He may have been the last to open those peepers but he was the first to waddle on all fours!

The most vocal is Olaf. He isn’t the loner that Thor is (yes Thor is going to be an independent little cus), but he does like his quiet alone time. The first rooer and I think the only one at the moment.

Inge is my little kisser! I get all kinds of loving from her! She still has an issue if I just pick her up from a sound sleep, so I rub her little tummy gently to rouse her.  Such a sweet heart!

Sylvi will always be the troublesome one.  Wanting to do it the Chessie way or no way! She may end up being the boss! But that can always change!  it happened in the last litter! my quiet girl ended up being a tough little ….

All 4 are so funny to watch! they waddle like the champs they are!

Oh and some exciting news that you all will be very happy to hear!  Well, maybe not. These guys are smart! They are not going potty in the sleeping area of the whelping box but a few piddles. But on the pee pads on the other end of the box You will definitely see where they relieve themselves. You all will be very grateful for this in the end as potty training will come easy to them once they go home.  I introduce the pee pads at week 1.  Yes there are mistakes and its expected at such a young age, but at just over 2 weeks and they are getting the idea!  Oh and little poops are beginning to get ignored by Mom! That’s a bit on the early side. She’ll still be with them until they are 4 weeks old. At that time, she gets to sleep in her own bed! She’ll still nurse them a bit but by week 4 they are getting supplemented 2x a day by me. The weening process is a job for both Mama and me! By the time they are  5 weeks old, mom is done with them though they still get snacks and socializing with mom. That’s when Mom starts teaching them things that only a mama dog can teach.

With the weather being so weird (snow in late February), the pups MAY get a chance to play in it! We recieved 5 inches today and more is on the way.  i dont think we’ll get dumped on like we did this morning, but maybe it’ll stick around long enough for the pups to play in it.  That’s at week 5.  I will also be getting a couple pigeons from a friend for the pups to play with.  I have a chicken coop that no longer has any free loading chickens! They stopped laying last September so I said Bu-Bye! Lucky pigeons! Lucky puppies!

Today was another first.  I walked into the mud room and started my normal cooing at the pups.  Before I even bent down to love on them, they all woke up and wanted my attention! I naturally obliged and knelt down to get all kinds of love from them! I am constantly socializing with them, holding them, petting them, snuggling with them! The Norske 4 are by no means spoiled (ya right)!

Feb 26

The puppies are growing so fast that I had to make a change in their living quarters!  There was 4 inch in diameter PVC Piping that went around the entire edge of the box.The purpose of the Pig Rail is to protect the pups from Mom rolling on top of them.  The piping is high enough off the ground (4 inches) so that they can easily lay under it.

The pups started standing on it and the gate in front of the box is pretty low (to make it easy for Mom to get in the box).

A few days ago

Well, because of the standing on the piping, it was time to either put the 18 inch gate up or take the pig rail out.  I opted to take the rail out so that Bec wouldn’t have to jump over the gate like a gazelle!  I was not able to cut down the board to fit in the slot correctly last night (if you notice in the picture above, you can see that it is longer than the opening), so Bec had to jump over the gate and sure enough, she did as they needed their midnight meal!

Last night, Feb 25

There’ll come a time relatively soon when I’ll have no choice to put up the higher gate! They keep growing!

While I was cleaning their box for this very purpose, I had to move them over to the dog bed (Bec’s). They were just snoozing away but I snapped a couple pics that made me laugh!

That can’t be comfortable, Olaf!

They are hearing! They respond to my voice. When they all hear me, they will scramble to the gate wanting some snuggles.  And the squealing and Rooing has started!  Attention is being required!  I don’t think my father (who sleeps in the room on the other side of the whelping box wall) is going to be getting much sleep! Of course when the squeals start, mom knows its time to feed them!

So they are really getting loud!  This was from this morning! Be sure to turn up the volume!!!!!

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