January 3, 2017


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So you’re looking for a Chesapeake Pup!

To all my past, present and future puppy buyers and those that are just looking for their first chessie, please do your research prior to saying yes! When talking to the breeder, check on the Health Clearances on both parents. The documentation should be readily available. Ask to see them, i.e. Hips/Elbows (OFA certificates). Hips shoud be fair or better., PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). Blindess shows up about 5-8 years of age. DM (Degenerative Myeolophy). The hips fail. This is not hip dysplasia. EIC (Exercise, Induce, Collapse). Over exercersion. Both parents should not be listed as a carrier on the same disease. Its ok to have one of them as a carrier, but the other should be clear/normal.

Ask to see their contract that will protect all parties, i.e. Breeder, Puppy Buyer and the pup.

Your breeder should answer all your questions and show you all the information you are asking. If they don’t, I highly suggest you look elsewhere for a good breeder. Reputable Breeders have worked hard, checking on clearances and finding the right match to breed. Those backyard breeders that dont have those health clearances give those good breeders a bad reputation! If you dont want to purchase a well-bred animal, please rescue a pup/older dog from a shelter/rescue organization! Backyard bred dogs usually end up in the shelters anyway.

When puppies are on the ground and are 5 weeks of age, visitation of pups are available on request. We highly suggest that puppy buyers come as often as possible as they change weekly! All puppies are able to go to their new homes at 9 weeks of age. Giving them that extra time here makes them a better, well rounded puppy and are then ready to take on a new “pack”!

Our puppies are sold on a contract and protects the puppy as he/she grows, the puppy buyer, and breeder! The contract is available upon request.

Please do research on the chesapeake breed as not everyone is the right owner for these dogs.  They require a firm hand at times and lots of activity is a must. They have tons of energy being from the Sporting Group. These dogs will be your friend for life. We sell our pups to those that will love and care for them for the remainder of their life and treat them as a member of their family as we do ours.


We introduce and socialize our pups to water (if weather permits), and are very well socialized with other animals, adults and children alike.  We suggest you continue socializing your puppy well into adulthood introducing them to many dogs and people after all their puppy shots have been given to them.

By the time they are ready to go home, they are on dry dog food and are completely dewormed.  If your vet is wanting to deworm them again, this will not hurt the puppy. When you take your puppy home, a first bag of their current dog food should be purchased so that you can change out their food to your desired dog food.  This should be done within 7 to 10 days.  Unless you want a lot of puppy poop to deal with.  Its a big change to such small little guys’ stomachs!

We love getting updates from the new parents of our puppies! After all, when you purchase a puppy from Cle Elum Chesapeakes, you become a member of our family!