Nursery Room

Let the Games Begin!

    Super Bowl LI is now underway! We have all peepers open and a nice shade of puppy blue! I tried to get head shots of all the pups individually with their eyes open but one cant always trust a husband to produce great pics! The best I received…Continue Reading

And then there was Light!

A Milestone has been reached! Tonight after fiddling with the pups as usual, I noticed that Bea had her little peepers open!  I got so excited!  I checked the other 4 and the only other one with eyes peering up at me was Bosher! Tomorrow the others should be at the…Continue Reading

First Puppy Spa Day!

I am sending the dew claws on all the pups for PRA testing. This was done since I am keeping one of the girls (having all of the girls done was a given. but I thought that I would add the boys as well). The information will be in the…Continue Reading

The Super Bowl litter is gaining daily.  Average weight is around 2 pounds.  Soon, they will start opening their eyes and little ears!  So far, Mama is cleaning up after them very well.  A doting mother! They are crawling all over the whelping box too! Bec is starting to wander around…Continue Reading

Snow and Bec

Bec adores snow! If we had snow 12 months a year, she wouldn’t be any happier.  Unless it was water! Then it would be a toss up! Water? Snow? hmmm! Mom, I think I love both! Today was a busy day snow-wise.  Mike and I did some snowplowing and Bec…Continue Reading

Pregnancy Confirmed

If I couldn’t be more excited, I don’t know what that would be! We definitely have a pregnancy with 6 pups in one horn and an undetermined number in the other. I am expecting a good sized litter due to the # of puppies in that first horn! Whats a…Continue Reading