Snow and Bec

Bec adores snow! If we had snow 12 months a year, she wouldn’t be any happier.  Unless it was water! Then it would be a toss up! Water? Snow? hmmm! Mom, I think I love both!

Today was a busy day snow-wise.  Mike and I did some snowplowing and Bec got to tag along! Before we left the house, she followed us on foot.  She loves that but I wasn’t too comfortable with her being around the plow, so she went in the cab where she chewed on her tennis ball and looked out forlorn wanting to play in the snow! We got the plowing done in a couple hours (the road is a mile long)!

When our plowing chore was complete, we prepared the back of the truck (removing the Railroad ties from the bed) so we could pick up a ton of pellets.  Bec and Mike were busy playing with the tennis ball in the snow while I moved the ties! OK so I just told a fib! While Mike was moving the ties, he would toss a ball into the snow for Bec. She’s a fiend when it comes to Tennis Balls, Snow and Water! Such a passion and such a crazy girl! While she went after the ball, I took some photos!

She’s a little pudgy here but that doesnt stop this girl! We actually hold her back because of her current condition!

We then loaded up in the truck to get that ton of pellets.  Yes, Bec came with. When we got to the hardware store (where we get the pellets), I walked into the store to pay for them while Mike and Bec played ball in the snow! When the pallet was being loaded on the truck, the 2 of them continued to play ball! Then we head back home.

When we got home, there was a small herd of mulies in the yard. All does. Mike had put a bit of chicken feed under a pine before we left. They were chowing down when we got back.  I wouldn’t let Bec out of the truck because she would scare the girls away and I had to get a few shots of them!


We did get 2-3 inches of snow after our snowplow chore, but it’s since stopped. At least until it the next time! Maybe I’ll have more escapades of Bec!


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  • Stephanie,
    Great information and pictures. Thanks for all of the information. We are really excited to finally have another Chessie in our home.


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