Such a tough day today!

Today I took the pups and mama to the vets office.  The first trip abroad! They were toted in a basket with a clean towel for warmth and comfort! I bet Bec was surprised she didnt have to go inside the vet office! She always wants out the front door!


I think that Mama knew that today was going to be a tough one for them!

I’ll protect you my babies!

The pups rode in the back seat with mama. She would lay her head on the basket making sure they were ok! When we pulled up in the parking lot, I noticed that there were only 3 pups in the basket.  Silly mama grabbed one and decided it was lunchtime!  LOL

Bec had to wait in the car while I carried the basket with her babies into the vet office.  Cant have mama there when they cry! She looked forlornly from the front seat gazing out the window.  “Where are my babies? They better not be in that nasty office!”

Once there, we waited our turn.  The babies were asleep the entire time up until it was their turn for the removal of those tiny dew claws!

Yes they screamed, but only during the procedure! No more sutures but surgery glue is used! Some vets are lucky enough to have a laser for this! Even less painful!  Sutures would be pulled out by mama so I am glad that they use surgical glue nowadays!

It’s not really that bad!

It really wasnt that big a deal! Not a peep after it was said and done! Bec immediately went into snuggle mode once again when I returned them to the whelping box!

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