Sunday and Monday

Since I seem to post a few different times in one day, I’ve decided to just type away throughout the day and publish the blog at the end of it! Today was just a bit much!

Anyway, today (Feb 11) was another first! I had let Bec out while I weighed the little darlings and cleaned up their box. That’s not the “first” think I’m talking about since this happens every day 2x a day since they were born. The first was once mama and the babes were safely in the box, I picked up little Sylvi without a glance from mama and snuggled with her.  I even took her out of the mudroom! We went over to my father’s room so he could meet them! 1 down, 3 to go!  It was when I got back that Bec was happy to see her daughter back under her protection! Now to wait and see how fast it will take her to mess up the box to make it HER way!

These guys are eating too good!  Holy $@)$

Yesterday and today’s weights on the precious ones:

Olaf: 19.5 oz to 23.35 oz

Thor: 23.15 oz to 27.10 oz

Inge: 20.5 oz to 23.95 oz

Sylvi: 21.1 oz to 24.60 oz

How the hell can they gain 4 oz in a day!  These guys are growing like WEEDS!  WEEDS i say.  Growing like WEEDS!

Feb 12

Today was the day for their first Mani-Pedis! The nails are getting sharp and to keep Mama’s teets from getting scratched and raw, they get little mani-pedis! I did the boys first.  No issues what-so-ever!  Not so with the girls!  I started with Sylvi first.  I started rubbing on her to calm her down.  It worked A LITTLE but apparently not enough.  Halfway thru and OOOPS! A yellow blob all smushed on my robe!  Thank you Sylvi!  It’s a good thing I love her!  Finally got her done.  Gave her to Mama so she could eat and go back to sleep!

Onto Inge. Well, that didnt go very well.  She was too wiggly so I’ll get her later today! I wasnt about to go thru another poop fest! OI!

The boys are so much better behaved! The girls are going to be a handful!

I guess it’s time for puppy attire from here on out!

Photo shoots have started

Olaf hiding Inge

Sorry no pic of Sylvi.  She was a mover!

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