The Chubba Bubbas are here!

It was a long day and night yesterday! I dont think I had this much lack of sleep over puppies!

Anyway, we have 2 boys and 2 girls!  All are brown!  The girls are a solid brown while the boys both have white markings on their chests. Their coats all have a nice wave going! They’ll loose some of it as they grow but it’ll come back! These babies are STRONG!  I don’t recall pups being this strong! I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a lot of first faster than others!  Only time will tell!

Mama is doing fabulous with them as is the norm with her!

It was a scary time after the first two (they came 14 minutes apart from each other). They were a boy and a girl. They came into this world before midnight. An hour and a half later (after midnight) another little boy materialized.  I actually didn’t think it would take this long between pups based on Bec’s history. But she proved me wrong!  It was yet another 45 minutes between the last boy and the last little girl! Bec got to finally rest with her little family!

Weights on the pups are all very good!

First boy 15.5 oz now 15.05 oz

First girl 16.25 oz now 16.7 oz (the only one of the 4 who gained weight instead of losing as what most infants do, lose weight).

second boy 18 oz now 17.7 oz

second girl 16.25 oz now 15.6 oz

It wasn’t long after my husband came home today that Bec was just about back to her normal self.  Outside, she is a completely different dog! But inside, she is a sweet tender girl who currently is with her little brood!

It is going to be so much fun watching them grow and showing you all that progress! I’ll post a few pics tomorrow since I don’t have any at the current time.  I’ve been sleeping, surprise surprise!

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