The life and times of a Breeder

Feb 28

What a show!  I wish I had grabbed my cell phone to video this “Terrible” event! It was Mani-Pedi time for the pups.  Surprisingly, Sylvi was a champ!  No squeals what-so-ever! Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom times 4 paws! Inge was next and you would have thought that the world was ending!  OH MY GOD!!!! Last week it was Sylvi. This week it was Inge.  Even more so, however!  She Roo’d none-stop!  I ended up rooing right along side of her and we even got a couple others joining in!  What a terrible thing to go thru, right!

On to the boys.  Olaf was so easy!  not a single squabble!  My little champ for the day! I think because Thor must have heard his little sister’s cries he was going to be a bit difficult too!  Not bad but just getting the “Event” started was the issue!

I am so surprised that Inge was having none of it!  Who doesnt want a Mani-Pedi?  I mean come on! and it’s just the tips!

The pups are getting pretty big, meaning that more pee is being produced.  More accidents included (not always on the pee pad). Not to worry, they are still pretty young and their little bladders are pretty weak! Give them a few weeks and those accidents will be less frequent! Besides, you arent the ones who get to clean their box 2 times a day.  Today will be 3. Tomorrow they start getting mush once a day so that makes even more of a mess and mom isnt going to pick it up all the time then!

That’s when their box changes faces and they get to expand into the mudroom! My mudroom will be converted to 4/5 Play/sleep area while their whelping box becomes the poop area and the laundry portion will be 1/5 of the mudroom!

Oh the joys of being a Breeder!

Oh My! I’m in trouble now…….

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