The Olympic Games

All eyes are now open! They still cant see all too well, but their peppers are open!  That usually means that they can smell and sort of hear! I’ve already started the scent stimulation! Yes I do weird stuff for the puppies but that just makes them a more rounded dog IMO!

These guys would do so well at the Olympics! They’ve been doing their best at moving around the whelping box though they just dont get it yet.  Give them a few days and the waddling will be non stop!

They are starting to ROO as of this morning. I think Olaf was basically calling mom because everyone else was eating and he wasnt!  LOL

I took some photos of the pups and wanted to share them with you as their growth is amazing!

Sylvi and Inge giving a little Peep Show!


Olaf and Thor

I’ll protect you little brother!

The little Olympiads are not so little any more!  Here are a few other shots from a few moments ago!

  I cannot believe how big my babies are getting

  It’s a dog pile while their living quarters is being cleaned!

  They’re monsters hiding in puppy clothing!


I clipped their little nails today hoping that it would be easy.  It was until I got to Sylvi. She’s going to be a tough one.  “Leave me alone! I’ll do it my way!”  is her standard chessie mentality. I think she’s the stubborn one in the group. The most laid back was naturally Thor.  He couldn’t care less!

That Milk Bar is always open it seems! Mama doesn’t seem to be the most happiest here, but she is so good with her babies and STILL makes a mess of their nice clean box! The blankets aren’t positioned right!  LOL

By the way, these puppies are pretty spoiled!  I normally dont make their box as cushy as I’ve been for past litters, but that’s ok. There’s only 4 of them and plenty of love to go around!  

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