The Overachievers

Weight gain is astronomical! I dont think I have seen this much gain in a 24 hour period ever!  It’s usually 2 ounces a day on the average! Thor was the first to gain multiple ounces within that time frame.  It was 7 oz!  At that time, Olaf had surpassed Inge by a couple ounces. But that didnt last long! The next night, both the girls gained almost 5 ounces each! Last night Olaf outweighed Inge with weight gains ranging from 2 to 5 ounces! These guys are just amazing!

Watching these guys move is awesome!  I can see the beginnings of little waddles as they try to stand on at least their front paws and move their bodies! That hind end is a bit unsteady!  So very cute!

The pups are getting pretty darned strong wanting to stand and move all over the whelping box.  I am no longer putting them in a basket while I clean out the box because of the high activity. They now get to lie on a clean towel on Bec’s dog bed.  Thou this morning, 2 of them crawled off the bed onto the tiled floor! OI!

Last night, little Inge (remember she is the smallest and youngest) had little slits for eyes open! This is a bit early for pups (day 7) as it normally is just before 2 weeks.  A week after birth? Unheard of until last night.  Olaf, Thor and Sylvi still had their eyes shut pretty tightly.  That is until this morning! Olaf has his eyes open as well.  Inge’s eyes are opened a bit bigger naturally while Olaf has those little slits. Sylvi and Thor (being the largest pups and the strongest) still had their eyes shut pretty tightly! I would not be surprised if they open up by tonight/tomorrow! This just blows the mind!

Inge gives a little wink

It may look like only 1 eye open, but in actuality, they both are. its a bit difficult to take a pic with the cell phone in one hand and a week old puppy wiggling in the other!

As I said, they are movers and shakers these days.  I am sure that these guys would be considered world athletes!  Maybe this year’s Olympics have something to do with that?

A little bit of personalities are popping up.  For one, Thor may be the largest, but he is my snuggler! Whenever I hold him, he rests his sweet little head on my shoulder.  I rock back and forth like I would a baby and he’s loving it! He’s going to be a sweet boy! It seems that his coat is getting a bit more curl near his neck but still not as great as Olaf’s coat. Of the girls, little Inge has the better coat. If you cant tell, I love coats.

Olaf has a tickle spot! either that, or he just loves this one spot!  I think it’s a tickle spot! Sylvi is the rambunctious one in the litter. I think she’s going to want to do things her way! And the wiggler in the bunch is Inge. They all wiggle, but Inge is the wiggliest.

I’m quite happy with how my babies are growing and I know you will too! I will be quite sad when they leave me but knowing that they will be in great homes (And that you will keep in contact with me. It’s a must) that helps.

It’s time to go check on the chubba bubbas and see what else is new!


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